Saturday, January 30, 2010

A new slate to paint

The past is still the past and it is still apart of myself and my family. I don't bother with the pity or the poor me. I am grateful for all the trials the Lord has given me. I have become stronger and stronger and sometimes things happen that knock me off course but I keep the fire burning inside of me. I keep dreaming and pushing forward and trying new things. I have been singing, writing, growing up, and taking care of my mom. My mom has been pushing forward and seriously she always has one foot off of her wheelchair just pleading to walk. She is going after her dream and one of mine and Bobby's. My mom introduced us to a product called Mona vie. It is an amazing product that has changed our lives and helps her with her healing. One main reason why she is going far is because she is a freedom willed person and that is the fire in her heart but Mona vie has helped her get the nutrition that she needs to keep going and be strong. If you all know my mom she is a health freak and I remember when I was growing up she was always trying to get me and my brothers to drink and take healthy vitamins and concoctions that where nasty. We tried Mona vie and we were surprised by the taste and how much having nutrition has helped us keep going and feel good. We loved the product so much that we have started a business with it and it feels and shows that it's going places. Bobby is also following another one of his dreams. He is doing great in the car sales and we knew he was always going to be good at selling and helping others. ZK my other brother is starting his own business as well with satellite services and he is also looking for a job and is getting close to getting one. I bet you are all wondering what this is all about.

I have been reading a book called I dare you. It is about following your heart and striving to be your best. Fear is something that replaces courage and in a bad way. The reason why I am speaking about mine and all my families dreams is because it takes courage to get them. Pray deeply for what you want, there is no limit to what one can achieve. Here is a story I would like to tell about some people I read stories about in the hospital of Craig. There were some para's that were heavily into sports they got into accidents and were left paralyzed. They struggled and were introduced to rugby a sport that is like football and soccer in wheelchairs, very interesting to watch. They put all of their strength into that and became gold mentalists in the para Olympics in china. Another man was a quad who invented the power wheelchair. I thought as I heard and still here of many things people have accomplished, why can't I accomplish what I want. Why cant I be a singer? Why can't I be a writer? Why can't I have a successful business in Mona vie? You know what I came up with. There is no reason! There is no reason to not fulfill you life purpose and achieve victory in our lives. God is with us far closer then we thought. He will help us and he gives me strength every time I doubt myself. I don't know about all of you but I will not allow myself to be one of the ones floating down the river, taking the easy way out. I want to swim upstream to achieve my dream. I know it is hard and sometimes I get tired but that's my fire! I know it is hard for mom but she is right there with me and she is getting better all the time. Bobby is there next to us and ZK is next to us too. We encourage each other and tell each other to keep going, no matter what others say, no matter the amount of fear. In stake confernce I was frightened to death to go to the first practice, because I got kicked out of a choir before. Bobby looked up to me and said. "Isn't this what you want?" I looked at him and said. " I don't want to be in choir?" "No don't you want to sing? I know you do. You sing all the time. Go and get experience." Bobby said in my response. I almost hate his way of making me think but it helps me to gain confidence and keep my fire burning. On stake conference day, I felt my heart being lifted and I felt high. I know this is what I am suppose to do and God gave me the feeling to encourage me also. It might not be what I thought but he gave me my talents to paint the slate of white. Some is white and black and gray from my past but there are tons of colors and beauty. Me along with the rest of my family are painting our masterpiece. I will close with a quote that I have loved for a while. "Only the fools criticize because they don't understand."

I love you all and I hope you are all doing well and follow your hearts it is the map given to you from God.

PS. I will try to write on here every week. I have been running around like crazy and lost time and forgot. I will try to remember.


  1. Thanks for your thoughts! I'm so glad that you are pushing towards your dreams and that your family is doing so as well! Because of all that determination you will definitely succeed! I'm so excited for the day you announce that your mom started walking again because of her determination! Thanks for trying to keep things updated! Lots of love! Ashley Kent

  2. I came across this post by "accident" (as if there is such a thing!) and thanks so much! You have put so many of my recent thoughts into words and inspired me! there is no reason not to create the lives we want. -Soraya